Young people innovating and leading the charge in Comprehensive Sexuality Education
Discover free resources created by young people to promote Comprehensive Sexuality Education


What we do

#EsConESI aims to contribute to comprehensive sexual education in Latin America by strengthening the active participation of young people. It is an initiative by Impacto Digital and FUSA A.C.
#EsConESI started in 2020 with the support of UNFPA Argentina and has since implemented numerous projects to enhance the capabilities and influence of young activists for CSE in the region. 
On our website, you can find a resource center with free downloadable material created by young people, as well as stay updated on news..

About us

#EsConESI works intergenerationally, focusing on youth leadership. 
Two teams work together to fulfill our mission: The Latin American Youth Board and the Young Mentors team.Their members take part in and support the various projects we lead.