About our initiative

From a Camp that went virtual Due to the Pandemic, to a Political Advocacy Campaign in Latin America.


As part of the Juventudes YA! initiative FUSA A.C.along with UNFPA Argentina held in-person camps where young activists from across the country shared their ideas to design projects promoting the implementation of comprehensive sexual education (CSE) in Argentina. This was the beginning of the idea to create a project that empowers youth as key players in advancing CSE.


#EsConESI is born!

In response to the new pandemic context, we reimagined the proposal with Impacto Digital, an organization focused on finding technological and innovative solutions to social problems.
From the collaboration between FUSA A.C., UNFPA, and Impacto Digital, #EsConESI emerged, an initiative born from virtuality to support young people in Latin America who want to promote the effective implementation of comprehensive sexual education.
With the support of the Spotlight Initiativea partnership between the European Union and the United Nations to eliminate violence against women and girls, we launched the first edition of #EsConESI to identify and incubate projects and ideas from young people in collaboration with public agencies. Over 80 projects were submitted from across the country, and 6 of them developed and implemented their ideas.


Following the success of the first call, in 2021, #EsConESI conducted the survey “Towards an Effective and Non-Adult-Centric Comprehensive Sexual Education.”. The aim was to understand the state of CSE in 5 provinces of Argentina, gathering youth perspectives. This was made possible again thanks to the Spotlight Initiative's support. The survey highlighted the importance of CSE for identifying and preventing sexual violence and included youth proposals and ideas to improve the effective implementation of CSE.
Recognizing the need for CSE implementation across the region, we partnered with organizations from Bolivia, Guatemala, Paraguay, and Peru to create 4 participatory diagnostics, communication campaigns, and action proposals regarding the state of CSE in each territory. This initiative was supported by Fòs Feminista..
Additionally, we launched the third edition of #EsConESI. With the support of UNAIDS and UNFPA, the call aimed at preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) received nearly 50 project submissions from young activists across the country. These projects focused on preventing HIV and other STIs among youth through the demand for comprehensive sexual education.


2022 Throughout the year, we carried out our first learning process with the support of UNFPA Argentina, deepening key aspects of comprehensive sexual education (CSE) from an intersectional and human rights perspective. More than 30 young people actively participated in these meetings, which culminated in an in-person event in Córdoba, Argentina. Additionally, thanks to the support of Fòs Feminista, members of the Youth Board from five Latin American countries also had the opportunity to participate in this enriching in-person event.


In 2023, with the support of Fòs Feminista, we conducted the second edition of our virtual and free learning process, this time with regional participation from Latin America. More than 100 young people took part in the virtual meetings and the process of producing a digital magazine. To learn more, click here.
Furthermore, this year, we supported UNFPA Argentina in the "Dialogues for CSE" project in the provinces of Jujuy and Chaco. We gathered voices, contributions, and recommendations from adolescents, youth, and other community actors regarding the implementation of CSE.
Finally, alongside UNICEF we developed the communication campaign “With CSE, We Win”to commemorate the anniversary of the Comprehensive Sexual Education Act in Argentina and participated in the National Evita Games. 


Currently, we are implementing our learning process in CSE for young activists in Costa Rica. We are conducting virtual training sessions, culminating in a closing event in San José. This project is made possible by the support of the Permanent Mission of Canada to the OAS.

What's next?

Year after year, EsConESI continues to strive to increase the impact of our projects and contribute to the transformation of CSE across the region. We work on the following pillars: developing diagnostics; effective youth participation through Youth Boards and teams; capacity building through training processes; identifying youth initiatives; collaborating with public agencies; and incubating projects and implementing public policies.